Virtual World Fandom Quasi-Autoethnography

This post contains my reflections on trying to express my Star Wars fandom in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. These reflections are based on the Twitter thread I ran in the summer and fall of 2020, which can be found here. I tried to reconstruct it chronologically to show the progression of events and my thoughtsContinue reading “Virtual World Fandom Quasi-Autoethnography”

Monopoly as Serious Game?

In the forty-third episode of The Pop Culture Lens podcast, Christopher Olson and I discuss the history and ideology of the classic board game, Monopoly. In this episode, we present the original intentions behind the board game as being meant to teach socialism — and most definitely not greed. We trace the history of the gameContinue reading “Monopoly as Serious Game?”

Pop Culture Lens: Dungeons and Dragons

In the twenty-fourth episode of The Pop Culture Lens podcast, Christopher Olson (Seems Obvious to Me) and I welcome friend of the podcast, psychologist in training, and long-time gamer Steve Discont to discuss the classic table-top role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons. In this episode, we each recall our experiences with role-playing games, from Dungeons andContinue reading “Pop Culture Lens: Dungeons and Dragons”

On the Issues of Disagreement Becoming Censorship

The conversation I had one night and into the next morning with the GamerGate supporter (i.e. a ProGGer) was long. It started off with my comments on Twitter about the need to not censor texts and instead use them to create dialogue. But the problem is that people too often don’t want to talk aboutContinue reading “On the Issues of Disagreement Becoming Censorship”

Conversations of GamerGate and Fractured Fandom

One of the things I have been doing this year (i.e. 2015) is trying to better understand what I mean when I say “fractured fandom” and how it manifests in the world. I’ve been writing about it for a couple years now, I have done an online interview study to gather people’s stories, I haveContinue reading “Conversations of GamerGate and Fractured Fandom”

Ghost Whisperer’s Ghost in the Machine

This essay was originally posted as part of my work for the Virtual Worlds Research Group at Roskilde University. This essay reflects my interest in how pop culture represents new media technologies, such as virtual worlds, as part of the process whereby a society / culture comes to determine what will be the acceptable andContinue reading “Ghost Whisperer’s Ghost in the Machine”

Categorizing Fractured Fandom

Defining Fractured Fandom According to the discipline of fan studies, at this point in history, being a fan is considered a positive for any individual. Being a fan helps people discover their identities, and to determine what they like and do not like. Being a fan helps people find friends, establish communities, and develop aContinue reading “Categorizing Fractured Fandom”

Women self-identifying as digital game addicts: Their interpretations of power

[This paper comes from 2007 and was completed for a qualitative methodology course at Ohio State University under the amazing Patti Lather. She encouraged us to try different methods of communication research results; so I did a comic book, which you can see here.] What is digital game addiction? A number of approaches, theories, andContinue reading “Women self-identifying as digital game addicts: Their interpretations of power”

Experiences of Hobby Game Players: Motivations Behind Playing Digital and Non-Digital Games

Based on a large online data collection effort back in 2006, the collaboration of GAMA, Ohio State University, and that other website, resulted in a pretty robust dataset that yielded a variety of interesting explorations. By: CarrieLynn Reinhard and Brant Guillory, 20 April 2014 ABSTRACT Central to our understanding of why people play digital games (either videoContinue reading “Experiences of Hobby Game Players: Motivations Behind Playing Digital and Non-Digital Games”

What Women Don’t Want — LadyBits on Medium

What Women Don’t Want — LadyBits on Medium — Medium. So here we have another wonderful breakdown of a breakdown in the progress of bringing women across gendered lines.  This summer — and maybe even this year thus far — has been one in which we really start to address the realities of what hasContinue reading “What Women Don’t Want — LadyBits on Medium”