Pop Culture Lens Podcast

By ourselves and with our guests, we look back at the media of yesterday through the lens of today in order to determine if it has any relevance to the contemporary experience. We structure the podcast so that the format loosely resembles an academic paper, but one that everyone can understand.

You can find our upcoming episodes here. We are always looking for ideas for new episodes, and for guests to chat about the media with us. This list contains all of our current episodes:

You can follow the podcast via Twitter here, and join our Facebook group here. You can also find us on Tumblr here. You can find us on YouTube here to watch our Pop Culture Pilgrimage series. You can email us at popculturelens@gmail.com. Feel free to leave comments and join the conversation in any of those places.

And you can financially support us with our Patreon account: Become a Patron!

As for who we are…

Christopher J. Olson (Creative Producer) earned his Master’s from DePaul University, with research focusing on masculinity, cult movies, film adaptation, and intercultural communication. He is currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. His blog is Seems Obvious to Me.

CarrieLynn D. Reinhard (Technical Producer) earned her PhD. from Ohio State University, with research focusing on digital communication technologies, reception studies, and gender studies. She is currently an Associate Professor at Dominican University. Her blog is Playing, with Research.

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