Crossing the Gendered Line

For my dissertation, I was interested in the ways people saw gender entering into their experiences with the media, from movies to television, from books to magazines, from games to advertisements.  I wrote about the need to study such gendered media engagings, and have focused the analysis on how men engaged with media products meant for women.

I heard people talk about engaging with media products they saw as meant for their own gender, and those they saw as meant for the opposite gender.  I heard stories of people who found great strength from cross the gender line, and I heard stories of people who felt embarrassed and worried about how they would be seen for crossing this line.  Now I am translating those research interviews into narratives chronicling their experiences crossing the gender line in their own words.

This page is a collection of all the writings posted to this blog on this project.  You can use this page to locate and jump around this collection.

  • This presentation is not from my dissertation, but it represents an earlier interest in women crossing the gendered line of video and computer games.
  • This essay comes from the dissertation and presents my argument for what are gendered media engagings.
  • This essay continues the discussion from the dissertation by discussing how to define gender.
  • This essay makes the argument for why it matters to study how people engage with gendered media.
  • This paper provides an analysis that looks specifically at how men described their reasons for engaging with media meant for women.
  • This published article focuses on the analysis of men’s cross-gendered media engagings.

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