In a first, the forty-ninth episode of The Pop Culture Lens podcast finds friend of the podcast Noelle Lynn Blood joining Christopher Olson and I to discuss the importance of Weird Al Yankovic to pop culture and nerds.

In this episode, the trio examine how Weird Al has adapted himself to different eras in pop culture, constantly reinventing himself to remain relevant. They also examine how his works have challenged American conceptions of free speech and copyright by discussing the satire and parody he produces. Finally, as fans themselves, they also consider the relationships people have developed with Weird Al through their parasocial interaction with the master of geek rock.

Primary editing on the episode was done by Jean-Michel Berthiaume, and end song comes from Weird Al Yankovic.

As always, you are encouraged to become a part of this conversation by visiting any of the podcast’s social media sites. You can also talk with Christopher Olson on Twitter (@chrstphrolson) and at his academic blog And you can talk to me on Twitter (@mediaoracle).

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