This Jedi’s Reaction to The Force Awakens: An Autoethnography in Fractured Fandom

I didn't go see Star Wars: The Force Awakens when it was released in theaters. I couldn't bring myself to. And this is coming from someone who saw -- willingly and enthusiastically -- each of the prequels in midnight openings. I saw Phantom Menace numerous times in the theater -- even while doing an internship … Continue reading This Jedi’s Reaction to The Force Awakens: An Autoethnography in Fractured Fandom

A Subject By Choice?

(I wrote this for a graduate course on critical and cultural theories. It helped fuel my thinking about agency, fandom, and reception studies. I believe the citations are in reference to work by Judith Butler about Louis Althusser, but unfortunately I cannot find it. If you know the source, then please let me know! And, … Continue reading A Subject By Choice?

Star Trek: Episode 12 of The Pop Culture Lens

In the latest episode of our podcast, The Pop Culture Lens, Christopher and I are joined by good friend and Associate Professor at DePaul University, Paul Booth, to discuss the longevity of Star Trek. All three of us are huge Star Trek fans, and we had a rousing good conversation about why the series has … Continue reading Star Trek: Episode 12 of The Pop Culture Lens

Categorizing Fractured Fandom

Defining Fractured Fandom According to the discipline of fan studies, at this point in history, being a fan is considered a positive for any individual. Being a fan helps people discover their identities, and to determine what they like and do not like. Being a fan helps people find friends, establish communities, and develop a … Continue reading Categorizing Fractured Fandom

An Autoethnography of Collegium – Day Two

Day 2: Sunday, June 22nd On the topic of mass... I am still uncomfortable joining in on the spiritual sessions and Catholic Eucharist ceremonies that are scheduled for this colloquium.  I feel like an intruder, an interloper, a negative presence.  There is nothing that anyone here has said or done that has made me feel … Continue reading An Autoethnography of Collegium – Day Two

Comics Adaptations Causing Fractured Fandom

We are now full swing into the summer blockbuster season for Hollywood, and let's take a tally of movies that are currently out or soon to arrive that originate from the pages of comic books.  Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  The Amazing Spider-Man 2.  X-Men: Days of Future Past.  Hercules.  Guardians of the Galaxy.  Teenage … Continue reading Comics Adaptations Causing Fractured Fandom

3-D Printing: Desktop Manufacturing Overview

Earlier today I presented our 3D printer to the Dominican University faculty.  I demonstrated how our Cubify printer (the type seen in the featured image) works, and I discussed what 3D printing is.  I also focused the discussion on the possibilities of 3D printing, both how the process is currently being put to use in … Continue reading 3-D Printing: Desktop Manufacturing Overview