Disney+, the Fan Industrial Complex, and Star Wars

I love this term: Fan Industrial Complex. Chris thinks he heard it from someone else, so I will need to investigate it. Because from a media ecology perspective, it’s very useful. That’s what we have now with online mediated fan-producer networks. The technologies and economic systems require a symbiosis between more ardent fans and producers,Continue reading “Disney+, the Fan Industrial Complex, and Star Wars”

Transjective Media Studies and Reciprocal Determinism

Yep, that’s right — I’m being one of those academics. Engaging in neologisms to make a name for myself. But what I am working through here is an idea for a book project, and I’d love peoples’ comments to help me to do so. Redefining Media Studies A medium is a technology for the storage,Continue reading “Transjective Media Studies and Reciprocal Determinism”

Compassionate Pedagogy for Online Teaching

In this blog post, I am collecting my thoughts as well as links to other people’s thoughts and writings about how to teach online from a perspective and position of compassion for learners. This information was originally collected on Twitter. Additionally, this notion of “compassionate pedagogy” is not limited to online teaching and learning butContinue reading “Compassionate Pedagogy for Online Teaching”

Mystery Science Theater 3000

In a first, the forty-sixth episode of The Pop Culture Lens podcast finds friend of the podcast Ryan Schriml (@EalingCA) joining Christopher Olson and myself to discuss the original comedy series, Mystery Science Theater 3000. In this episode, the trio of Misties reflect on the legacy of the television show in spawning movie-riffing as a modernContinue reading “Mystery Science Theater 3000”

CfC for Book on Mental Illness in Entertainment Media

Call for Chapters for Book Proposal The editors are seeking chapter proposals for a collection of essays that examine positive, healthy, and accurate portrayals of mental illness in entertainment media. Proposed Title: Quieting the Madness: Entertainment Media’s Shift into More Accurate Depictions of Mental Illness Editors: Malynnda A. Johnson (Indiana State University) and Christopher J.Continue reading “CfC for Book on Mental Illness in Entertainment Media”

Virtual Interactive Television

The Virtual World Television (VWTV) project came to an end when Pooky Amsterdam and I published this article with Participations: http://www.participations.org/Volume%2014/Issue%201/5.pdf In this article, I outline my thoughts on interactive television as consisting of three types of interactivity: Access interactivity: controlling what to watch, when, where and how Social interactivity: engaging with others while watchingContinue reading “Virtual Interactive Television”

Welcome to the Culture Wars

Note: I will update this post periodically as I see people using terms they may not understand, and appreciate anyone’s help to make certain I am properly translating, defining, and contextualizing terms. EDITED: Here is a great rundown of terms from The New York Times: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/15/us/politics/alt-left-alt-right-glossary.html?_r=0 Feature image comes from http://www.full-stop.net/2011/08/29/features/essays/michael-schapira/how-to-master-the-culture-wars-in-two-weeks/ which shows just how long the cultureContinue reading “Welcome to the Culture Wars”

Fractured Fandom in Online Spaces

Fractured Fandom in Online Spaces: Problematic Communication in Communication-Inscribed Places This blog post represents a presentation I gave at the 2017 Central States Communication Association Conference, and is based on research I am doing on my Fractured Fandom project. This project is an online self-interview study conducted in 2015. The larger project is being writtenContinue reading “Fractured Fandom in Online Spaces”