Halloween Podcast on Frankenstein

For the fifty-second episode of The Pop Culture Lens podcast, Christopher Olson and I are joined by friend and Ph.D. candidate Sarah Stanley to discuss one of the most important horror novels of all time: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. The trio discuss the novel’s impact for over 200 years, as an early science fiction novel and in…

PCSJ Vol 7 Is 2: Inaugural Student Showcase

I am happy to announce that the second issue I have edited is now live and free to anyone interested in popular culture studies. More importantly, I am so proud that it features our inaugural Student Showcase, highlighting great scholarship done by undergraduate and graduate students from around the world. These students present their original…

Call for PWSA’s Inaugural Symposium

I am so excited to announce this opportunity to bring people who study professional wrestling together from around the world, virtually, taking advantage of modern technologies to advance this field.

CFP: Professional Wrestling Studies Journal

This has been an amazing journey. In two years, we have gone from an idea to a website/blog to an association to a journal. Join us on this journey as we work to legitimize the study of professional wrestling as it continues to grow around the world.

Seeking MPCA/ACA Proposals

Interested in professional wrestling studies? Join this burgeoning community at MPCA/ACA in the fall! via CFP MPCA 2018 Wrestling Studies

Five Modern Exorcism Films to Watch

Originally posted on Chillerpop:
source:¬†https://rowman.com/ISBN/9781498519090/Possessed-Women-Haunted-States-Cultural-Tensions-in-Exorcism-Cinema October 13, 2017 –¬†When I first stumbled onto the blog It’s Playing, But With Research, I was jealous. Jealous! With envy as green as the pea soup streaming out of Regan’s mouth! Academics Carrie Lynn D. Reinhart and Christopher Olsen not only studied exorcism cinema for a living, but they…

Online Relationships with Wrestlers

These are some thoughts I had in conversation with the students of my online fan studies course. We were looking at the impact of social media on fandom, and I reflected on my experience with my new fandom: professional wrestling. Source: Online Relationships with Wrestlers