A Manifesto for 21st Century Higher Education

Looking over alum surveys for my school, thinking about what the future of higher education is, and am finding that both undergraduate (UG) and graduate (G) alums seem to want the same types of knowledges and skills, just in more and more specific contexts that aid their careers. I did a quick and dirty contentContinue reading “A Manifesto for 21st Century Higher Education”

Importance of Play to Politics

Reading Huizinga’s Homo Ludens and struck by discussion of how fundamental play is to the formation of culture and thus human civilization, as well as its relationship to politics and political life. Per Huizinga, “Now in myth and ritual the great instinctive forces of civilized life have their origin… All are rooted in the primaevalContinue reading “Importance of Play to Politics”

Compassionate Pedagogy for Online Teaching

In this blog post, I am collecting my thoughts as well as links to other people’s thoughts and writings about how to teach online from a perspective and position of compassion for learners. This information was originally collected on Twitter. Additionally, this notion of “compassionate pedagogy” is not limited to online teaching and learning butContinue reading “Compassionate Pedagogy for Online Teaching”

Social Media Literacy and Ethical Leadership

Social Media and Leadership Power Social networks online and offline represent relationships between people, and people capitalize on such connections to perform tasks, from gathering information to enacting political reform. Strong connections can yield higher returns, as strong ties more than weak ties can encourage willingness to help. The more strong ties we have, andContinue reading “Social Media Literacy and Ethical Leadership”

A Communication Toolbox for Communication Literacy

The following is an excerpt from my book Fractured Fandoms: Contentious Communication in Fan Communities. To read all of the information, you will need to get the book, either from a seller or your local library. [Do not cite this blog post as it is an abridged version of what appears in the book. AllContinue reading “A Communication Toolbox for Communication Literacy”

Echo Chambers and Fandom

Okay, first, let’s talk about echo chambers. You may have heard this term, especially since the 2016 presidential election. In media studies, an echo chamber is a community, usually one that is online, where the members of that community all have the same interests, values, and beliefs. This group of like-minded individuals talk with oneContinue reading “Echo Chambers and Fandom”

Fractured Fandom in Online Spaces

Fractured Fandom in Online Spaces: Problematic Communication in Communication-Inscribed Places This blog post represents a presentation I gave at the 2017 Central States Communication Association Conference, and is based on research I am doing on my Fractured Fandom project. This project is an online self-interview study conducted in 2015. The larger project is being writtenContinue reading “Fractured Fandom in Online Spaces”

Pop Culture Lens on Hello Kitty

In the thirty-third episode of The Pop Culture Lens podcast, Christopher Olson (Seems Obvious to Me) and I welcome friend of the podcast Norma Jones to discuss the venerable pop culture brand that is Hello Kitty. In this episode, Norma and I position Hello Kitty not only as a pop icon but as a heroicContinue reading “Pop Culture Lens on Hello Kitty”

Gendering Robots: A Class Discussion

The next research project I hope to work on looks at how people make sense of robots. I am particularly interested in how people apply gendered assumptions and attributions to robots or artificial agents, and how apply those assumptions then impact how people engage with robots. In a sense, robots have become another medium asContinue reading “Gendering Robots: A Class Discussion”

The Pop Culture Lens: Fan Harassment

I have been talking about this idea of fractured fandom on this blog for awhile now, because I have been concerned with the problems and tensions fans are facing in contemporary fan communities and fandoms. Across the Internet and around the world, it seems that hardly a day goes by without another story, another anecdote,Continue reading “The Pop Culture Lens: Fan Harassment”