Identification with Favorite Media Personae

I presented this study at my first International Communication Association conference in May 2005. It was the first major study I did by myself in graduate school. I remember making these slides to show on a projector -- there was no PowerPoint! I should probably revisit it.  Identification with Favorite Media Personae: A phenomenologically-informed conceptualization of … Continue reading Identification with Favorite Media Personae

Gendering Robots 2005 Research Proposal

Recently, the question of how we attribute gender to asexual entities like robots and AI has been something I have been pondering more and more. How we understand engage with entities like Alexa from Amazon, Siri from Apple, and Cortana from Microsoft is fascinating, as well as how we think about robots like BB-8 or … Continue reading Gendering Robots 2005 Research Proposal

Making Sense of Cinema Anthology

Edited by Christopher Olson (Seems Obvious to Me) and myself, Bloomsbury Academic will release Making Sense of Cinema: Empirical Studies into Film Spectators and Spectatorship on February 25, 2016. Making Sense of Cinema is an anthology collecting empirical studies that display different methods for studying real film spectators engaging with real films. Film studies has … Continue reading Making Sense of Cinema Anthology

My Philosophy of Media Reception Studies

Along with my thoughts on the encoding-decoding-recoding model, what follows comes from my dissertation on gendered media engagings and describes how I consider the fundamental elements of media reception and audience studies. What are media products?       Media products are the technologies, channels and contents that constitute our understanding of what is ‘the media’. They are … Continue reading My Philosophy of Media Reception Studies

An Encoding-Decoding-Recoding Model of Media Studies

This blog posts continues the dissection of my dissertation that I began by introducing the topic of gendered media engagings earlier this year. This post focuses on a model I used in my dissertation to understand the array of media studies conducted to investigate the ways in which gender is involved in how people engage … Continue reading An Encoding-Decoding-Recoding Model of Media Studies

An Autoethnography of Collegium – Day Two

Day 2: Sunday, June 22nd On the topic of mass... I am still uncomfortable joining in on the spiritual sessions and Catholic Eucharist ceremonies that are scheduled for this colloquium.  I feel like an intruder, an interloper, a negative presence.  There is nothing that anyone here has said or done that has made me feel … Continue reading An Autoethnography of Collegium – Day Two

The Whats, Hows and Whys of Film Spectatorship

Earlier this month, Christopher Olson and I presented at the 2013 SCMS conference work I started in my graduate school and he is helping me finalize and expand.  These are some preliminary thoughts about approaching the study of how spectators engage with films. Answering the Whats, Hows, and Whys of Film Spectatorship from Dominican University … Continue reading The Whats, Hows and Whys of Film Spectatorship