Updating Exorcism Cinema List

A year ago, Christopher Olson and I published a book on the representation of exorcisms in cinema. Possessed Women, Haunted States: Cultural Tensions in Exorcism Cinema (November 2016) was a comprehensive analysis of films across time and culture for the common themes surrounding who was the possessed and who was the exorcist. This analysis concludedContinue reading “Updating Exorcism Cinema List”

Exorcism Cinema Book Published

Here it is! The Tensions in Exorcism Cinema project began in 2013, when my partner Christopher J. Olson (Seems Obvious to Me) and I watched the film The Possession and noted how common it seemed for women to be the victim of possession who needed to be saved through exorcism. We wondered, is that true ofContinue reading “Exorcism Cinema Book Published”

The Exorcist on Fox

Christopher Olson (Seems Obvious to Me) and I have been working on a project analyzing the portrayal of exorcism in cinema for the past several years. That project is about to reach fruition with the publication of our book Possessed Women, Haunted States: Cultural Tensions in Exorcism Cinema from Lexington Books this November 15th (https://rowman.com/ISBN/9781498519090).Continue reading “The Exorcist on Fox”

The Possession and the Traditional Exorcism Narrative

This analysis presents an example of how we are analyzing the films of the exorcism cinema subgenre for how they reflect the traditional exorcism narrative, which you can read more about here and here. This analysis is based on the notes we took while watching the film, which are given here. The 2012 film TheContinue reading “The Possession and the Traditional Exorcism Narrative”

The Pop Culture Lens Episode 16: The Exorcist (1973)

As I have been writing about for awhile now, Chris and I are working on a book project that explores the tensions depicted in exorcism cinema. That is, we are analyzing films that depict possession and exorcism to understand what is being said about the world through those representations. Part of this analysis has beenContinue reading “The Pop Culture Lens Episode 16: The Exorcist (1973)”

Cataloging Exorcism Cinema

For the past couple years now, we have been working on this project analyzing the tensions in exorcism cinema. We are currently writing a book on the topic, and part of the research for this book has been to track down and catalog all of the movies that in some way depict possession and exorcism.Continue reading “Cataloging Exorcism Cinema”

Stigmata: Viewing the Church as Bad Guy

A long time ago, in what seems like a much different life, I had a huge crush on Gabriel Byrne. I am not exactly proud of that, but he was one of many actors that I have had crushes on, and is always the case when I have a crush on an actor, I mustContinue reading “Stigmata: Viewing the Church as Bad Guy”

The Unborn: Exorcism, the Holocaust, and Twins

Comic book fans will undoubtedly recognize the name David S. Goyer. For better or worse, he has become synonymous with Warner Brothers’ cinematic adaptations of their DC  Comics titles. Although he gained notoriety as the writer for a Marvel cinematic adaptation, Blade (1998), his most successful writing gigs have been with Christopher Nolan on theContinue reading “The Unborn: Exorcism, the Holocaust, and Twins”

From Reaffirming to Challenging Traditions: A critical comparison of The Last Exorcism and The Last Exorcism Part II

Christopher Olson and I presented our first analysis for the exorcism cinema project at this year’s Midwest Popular Culture Association conference. We subsequently wrote the presentation as a paper that would go in a book we are developing. We just submitted the book proposal last night, and now this morning you can read this analysisContinue reading “From Reaffirming to Challenging Traditions: A critical comparison of The Last Exorcism and The Last Exorcism Part II”

5 Things People Believe About Demons, Exorcisms and The Spirit World

As All Hallow’s Eve approaches, and the dark veil between the land of the living and the land of the dead lists, we in the Western world turn to concerns of all things supernatural. But it is not just Halloween that propels people to be worried about how the spiritual plan can impede in thisContinue reading “5 Things People Believe About Demons, Exorcisms and The Spirit World”