For the past couple years now, we have been working on this project analyzing the tensions in exorcism cinema. We are currently writing a book on the topic, and part of the research for this book has been to track down and catalog all of the movies that in some way depict possession and exorcism.

As of now, we have found at least 112 movies that have been released, are being produced, or are in development. These films, in some way, portray a possession that someone tries to thwart through some exorcism ritual. We also are noting further breakdowns within the exorcism cinema subgenre of films that are based on true stories, display a found footage approach, or are comedies.

If you know of a movie from some time period and some country that is not on this list, then please provide the information in the comments section. NOTE: I cannot easily edit this table, so any new additions mentions in the comments will be recorded and added to the final filmography list we are compiling. If you would like to see that list, then please contact me.

Film Real? Year Nationality Director Writer
  1. The Dybbuk (Der Dibuk)
True Story 1937 Poland Michal Waszynski S.A. Kacyzna, Andrzej Marek
2. Il Demono (The Demon)   1963 Italy Brunello Rondi  
3. Naked Evil / Exorcism at Midnight   1966/1974 British Stanley Goulder Stanley Goulder
4. Exorcism’s Daughter (Las melancolicas) (The House of Insane Women)   1971 Spanish Rafael Moreno Alba Rafael Moreno Alba
5. The Devils True Story 1971 USA Ken Russell Ken Russell
6. The Devil’s Daughter   1973 USA Jeannot Szwarc Colin Higgins
7. The Exorcist True Story 1973 USA William Friedkin William Peter Blatty
8. Abby (The Blaxsploitation Exorcist)   1974 USA William Girdler Gordon Cornell Layne
9. Beyond the Door (Chi sei?) (The Devil Within Her)   1974 Italy Ovidio g. Assonitis, Robert Barrett Ovidio g. Assonitis, Antonio Troiso, Robert Barrett
10. Exorcism and Black Masses (Exorcisme / Exorcism)   (L’eventreur de Notre-Dame) (Exorcisme et messes noires)   1974 France Jesus Franco Jesus Franco
11. Magdalena, Possessed by the Devil (Magdalena, vom Teufel besessen) (Magdelena: The Devil Inside the Female)   1974 Germany Walter Boos August Rieger
12. Seytan   1974 Turkey Metin Erksan Yilmaz Tumturk
13. The Antichrist (The Tempter) (L’anticristo)   1974 Italy Alberto De Martino Gianfranco Clerici, Alberto De Martino, Vincenzo Mannino
14. The Bloody Exorcism of Coffin Joe (O Exorcismo Negro)   1974 Brazil Jose Mojica Marins Rubens Francisco Luchetti, Jose Mojica Marins, Adriano Stuart
15. Lorna the Exorcist (Lorna, l’Exorciste, Les Possedees du Diable / The Devil’s Possessed )   1974 France Jesus Franco Jesus Franco, Nicole Guettard, Robert de Nesle
16. The House of Exorcism (Lisa e il diavolo) (Lisa and the Devil)   1974 Italy Mario Bava, Alfredo Leone Mario Bava, Alberto Cittini, Alfredo Leone
17. L’ossessa (Enter the Devil, The Devil Obsession, The Eerie Midnight Horror Show, The Sexorcist, The Tormented)   1974 Italy Mario Gariazzo
18. La endemoniada (Demon Witch Child) (The Possessed)   1975 Spain Amando de Ossorio
19. Exorcismo   1975 Spain Juan Bosch Juan Bosch, Jordi Gigo, Paul Naschy
20. The Exorcist: Italian Style (L’esorciccio) Comedy 1975 Italy Ciccio Ingrassia Marino Onorati
21. El juego del diablo (The Devil’s Exorcist)   1975 Spain Jorge Darnell
22. The Night Child (Il medaglione insanguinato)   1975 Italy Massimo Dallamano Massimo Dallamano, Franco Marotta, Laura Toscano
23. The Return of the Exorcist (Un urlo dalla tenebre) (The Possessor)   1975 Italy Franco Lo Cascio, Angelo Pannaccio Giulio Albonico, Franco Brocani, Aldo Crudo, Angelo Pannaccio
24. Burnt Offerings   1976 USA, Italy Dan Curtis William F. Nolan, Dan Curtis
25. To the Devil a Daughter   1976 British Peter Sykes Christopher Wicking
26. Cathy’s Curse (Cauchemares)   1977 French-Canada Eddy Matalon Myra Clement, Eddy Matalon, Alain Sens-Czaenave
27. Audrey Rose   1977 United States Robert Wise Frank De Felitta
28. Shock (Beyond the Door II)   1977 Italy Mario Bava Francesco Barbieri, Lamberto Bava, Paolo Brigenti, Dardano Sacchetti
29. Exorcist II: The Heretic   1977 USA John Boorman William Goodhart
30. The Manitou   1978 USA William Girdler William Girdler, Jon Cedar, Thomas Pope
31. Amityville II: The Possession True Story 1982 USA Damiano Damiani Tommy Lee Wallace
32. Jing hun feng yu ye (Devil Returns)   1982 Hong Kong Richard Chen Yao-Chi
33. Mo Tai (The Devil Fetus)   1983 Hong Kong Hung-Chuen Lau Wen-hua Cheng, Ging-Jiu Lo
34. The Demon Murder Case TV Movie, True Story 1983 USA William Hale William Kelley
35. Black Devil Doll from Hell   1984 USA Chester Novell Turner Chester Novell Turner
36. The Devil’s Gift   1984 USA Kenneth J. Berton Hayden O’Hara, Jose Vergelin, Kenneth Berton
37. Ninja III: The Domination   1984 USA Sam Firstenberg
38. Exorcist III   1990 USA William Peter Blatty William Peter Blatty
39. Repossessed Comedy 1990 USA Bob Logan Bob Logan
40. Teenage Exorcist Comedy 1991 USA Grant Austin Waldman Brinke Stevens
41. The Possession of Michael D. (Legacy of Evil) TV Movie, True Story 1995 Canada Michael Kennedy Ronald Parker
42. The Mangler   1995 USA Tobe Hooper
43. Stigmata   1999 USA Rupert Wainwright Tom Lazarus, Rick Ramage
44. Possessed TV Movie, True Story 2000 USA Steven E. de Souza Michael Lazarou, Steven E. de Souza
45. Lost Souls   2000 USA Janusz Kaminski Pierce Gardner, Betsy Stahl
46. Exorcism   2003 USA William A. Baker William A. Baker
47. Exorcist: The Beginning   2004 USa Renny Harlin Alexi Hawley
48. Constantine   2005 USA Francis Lawrence Kevin Brodbin, Frank A. Cappello
49. Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist   2005 USA Paul Schrader William Wisher Jr., Caleb Carr
50. The Exorcism of Emily Rose True Story 2005 USA Scott Derrickson Scott Derrickson, Paul Harris Boardman
51. Exorcism: The Possession of Gail Bowers True Story 2006 USA Leigh Scott Leigh Scott
52. Requiem True Story 2006 Germany Hans-Christian Schmid Bernd Lange
53. Blackwater Valley Exorcism True Story 2006 USA Ethan Wiley Ellary Eddy
54. Legion: The Final Exorcism (Costa Chica: Confession of an Exorcist) True Story 2006 USA David Heavener David Heavener
55. The Exorcist Chronicles Found Footage 2007 USA Will Raee Paul Cama, Will Raee
56. Chronicles of an Exorcism True Story, Found Footage 2008 USA Nick G. Miller Matthew Ashford, Nick G. Miller, David Michael Ross
57. Semum   2008 Turkey Hasan Karacadag Hasan Karacadag
58. 1920   2008 India Vikram Bhatt
59. [REC] 2 Found Footage 2009 Spain Jaume Balaguero, Paco Plaza Jaume Balaguero, Manu Diez, Paco Plaza
60. The Unborn   2009 USA David S. Goyer David S. Goyer
61. Exorcismus (La Posesion de Emma Evans, The Possession of Emma Evans)   2010 Spain Manuel Carballo David Munoz
62. The Shrine   2010 USA Jon Knautz Jon Knautz, Brendan Moore, Trevor Matthews
63. The Last Exorcism Found Footage 2010 USA Daniel Stamm Huck Botko, Andrew Gurland
64. The Rite True Story 2011 USA Mikael Hafstrom Michael Petroni
65. Season of the Witch   2011 USA Dominic Sena
66. The Disco Exorcist Comedy 2011 USA Richard Griffin Tony Nunes
67. The Devil in Me (Devil Seed)   2012 Canada Greg A. Sager Geoff Hart, Greg A. Sager
68. [REC] 3: Genesis Found Footage 2012 Spain Paco Plaza Luiso Berdejo, David Gallart, Paco Plaza
69. The Devil Inside Found Footage 2012 USA William Brent Bell William Brent Bell, Matthew Peterman
70. The Possession True Story 2012 USA Ole Bornedal Juliet Snowden, Stiles White
71. This is the End Comedy 2013 USA Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg
72. Demon Exorcism: The Devil Inside Maxell Bastas   2013 USA Richard G. James Richard G. James
73. Exorcist Chronicles Found Footage 2013 USA Philip Gardiner Philip Gardiner
74. An Irish Exorcism (The Exorcism Diary) Found Footage 2013 Ireland Eric Courtney Martin Robinson
75. The Vatican Exorcisms Found Footage 2013 Italy Joe Marino Mauro Paolucci, Salvatore Scarico
76. Victoria’s Exorcism   2013 USA Garrett Benach Garrett Benach
77. Cult Found Footage 2013 Japan Kôji Shiraishi Kôji Shiraishi
78. Amy   2013 USA Patnaik R.P. Febah Martin, Patnaik R. P.
79. The Conjuring True Story 2013 USA James Wan Chad Hayes
80. Hell Baby Comedy 2013 USA Robert Ben Garant, Thomas Lennon Robert Ben Garant, Thomas Lennon
81. The Last Exorcism Part II   2013 USA Ed Gass-Donnelly Ed Gass-Donnelly, Damien Chazelle
82. The Cloth   2013 USA Justin Price Justin Price
83. Hellbenders Comedy 2014 USA J.T. Perry J.T. Perry
84. The Diabolical   2014 USA Ryan Callaway Ryan Callaway
85. Exorcism Found Footage 2014 British Lance Patrick Lance Patrick
86. High School Possession   2014 USA Peter Sullivan Hanz Wasserburger
87. Inner Demons Found Footage 2014 USA Seth Grossman Glenn Gers
88. The Taking of Deborah Logan Found Footage 2014 USA Adam Robitel Gavin Heffernan, Adam Robitel
89. Deliver Us from Evil True Story 2014 USA Scott Derrickson Scott Derrickson, Paul Harris Boardman
90. Grace: The Possession Found Footage 2014 USA Jeff Chan
91. The Possession of Michael King Found Footage 2014 USA David Jung David Jung
92. Asmodexia   2014 Spain Marc Carreté’
93. Bad Exorcists Comedy 2015 USA Kyle Steinbach Kyle Steinbach
94. Exorcistas Comedy 2015 Chile Anibal Herrera Anibal Herrera, Alejandro Salazar
95. The Exorcism of Anna Ecklund True Story 2015 British Andrew Jones Andrew Jones
96. The Exorcism of Molly Hartley   2015 USA, Canada Steven R. Monroe Matte Venne
97. The Vatican Tapes Found Footage 2015 USA Mark Neveldine
98. Incarnate   2015 USA Brad Peyton
99. Exeter   2015 USA Marcus Nispel
100. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension Found Footage 2015 USA Gregory Plotkin
101. The Wicked Within   2015 USA Jay Alaimo Stephen Wallis
102. Exorcism on Crooked Lake   ID USA Adam Green Stacy Chbosky, John E. Dowdle, Drew Dowdle
103. The Ouija Exorcism   ID USA Nick Slatkin Nick Slatkin
104. The Crucifixion True Story ID USA Xavier Gems Chad Hayes, Carey Hayes
105. February   ID USA Oz Perkins Oz Perkins
106. American Exorcist   ID USA Tony Trov, Johnny Zito Tony Trov, Johnny Zito
107. Shark Exorcist Comedy ID USA Donald Farmer Donald Farmer, Alaine Huntington
108. A British Exorcism   ID United Kingdom Ryan Claffery Ryan Claffery
109. Accidental Exorcist Comedy ID USA Daniel Falicki  
110. Exorcism at Lincoln High   ID USA   Brian Sieve
111. The Mexorcist   ID   Andrew Cosby  
112. The Exorcism of Mary Briganza   ID     Nilesh Dadhich


9 responses to “Cataloging Exorcism Cinema”

  1. chillerpop Avatar

    Oh boy, I have my viewing cut out for me! I think the idea for ‘Michael King’ sounds interesting, so that one is next.


  2. chillerpop Avatar

    Ah. I almost forgot 2000’s ‘Lost Souls’.


    1. CarrieLynn D. Reinhard Avatar

      Ah, yes, that is one we missed, according to this breakdown:

      Exorcism is not a big element in it — seems more about the antichrist — but it is definitely there. Thanks! I will add this to our list.


      1. chillerpop Avatar

        I actually saw LOST SOULS in the theater – and I don’t remember it being as exciting as that synopsis made it sound! Ah, but I almost forgot – THE POSSESSION OF JOEL DELANEY, with Shirley McLane (oddly enough, on whom THE EXORCIST’s Chris McNeil was based) and Perry King. This one is staggeringly, astoundingly racist, with an ending that you could never, ever have in a movie today.


  3. chillerpop Avatar

    One more: would you consider Audrey Rose an exorcism film? I would. It parallels The Exorcist in many ways, despite its use of reincarnation instead of demons as a vehicle for spiritual possession.


    1. CarrieLynn D. Reinhard Avatar

      The main thing is the need for an exorcism. I do not remember if it has that or not.


  4. chillerpop Avatar

    Also forgot: the last segment of the V/H/S horror anthology movie (2012) is an exorcism story.


  5. chillerpop Avatar

    Okay, so because of your list I’ve been on an exorcism movie tear! I just finished Inner Demons, and like The Possession of Michael King (and way before that, the Last Exorcism) I feel like there was a good exorcism movie with interesting themes there that got buried under traditional horror movie cliche/schlock. Asmodexia was more of a cheesy inversion of the standards of the genre (but well-filmed). Exeter was entertaining but generally dumb.

    Liked by 1 person

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    […] political economic forces of the movie industry. Thus we deconstruct the film, and then relate it to all the films that came after it, from Abby to Grace: The Possession. Repeatedly, the same archetypes and metaphors established in […]


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