Call for PWSA’s Inaugural Symposium

I am so excited to announce this opportunity to bring people who study professional wrestling together from around the world, virtually, taking advantage of modern technologies to advance this field.

Professional Wrestling Studies Association

The President of the PWSA invites submissions for the association’s inaugural PWSA Symposium: WrestlePosium I.

This virtual symposium will happen online on Saturday, April 4th, to coincide with WrestleMania. That week has become a touchstone for all of professional wrestling, not just the World Wrestling Entertainment’s signature show. As such, the PWSA seeks to bring academic scholarship to the festivities by connecting wrestling scholars around the world to present their research and ideas.

can be given live, via a videoconferencing tool, or be recorded and collected
for viewing during that day. Additionally, all live presentations will also be
recorded and collected for later viewing. Presentations and videos will be no
longer than 15 minutes, but applicants can also submit ideas for roundtable
discussions and complete panels. Sessions will be scheduled during the day
based on the proposals.

Interested applicants should submit a 500-world proposal outlining the purpose…

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