New Japan Pro Wrestling Podcast

For the fifty-fifth episode of The Pop Culture Lens podcast, Christopher Olson and I are joined by unofficial third co-host Joe Belfeuil to discuss the history and significance of New Japan Pro Wrestling aka NJPW.

The trio consider how NJPW emerged, and its early relationship with other big professional wrestling federations like WWF and NWA. The discussion also looks at NJPW today and how it has impacted contemporary global professional wrestling through wrestlers, factions, and memes. Thanks in part to the Web, professional wrestling has truly become a transnational and transcultural phenomenon.

Primary editing on the episode was done by Jean-Michel Berthiaume, and the end song comes from the anime Tiger Mask X.

As always, you are encouraged to become a part of this conversation by visiting any of the podcast’s social media sites. You can also talk with Christopher Olson on Twitter (@chrstphrolson) and at his academic blog And you can talk to me on Twitter (@mediaoracle).

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