What Women Don’t Want — LadyBits on Medium — Medium.

So here we have another wonderful breakdown of a breakdown in the progress of bringing women across gendered lines.  This summer — and maybe even this year thus far — has been one in which we really start to address the realities of what has been happening when women cross those gendered lines into areas traditionally dominated by men — in areas that perhaps our society or culture do not take seriously, but are very serious to those of us whose lives revolve around and depend upon them.

Areas like fandom, video games, the tech biz, comic books — over and over again have we heard stories, had discussions, had counter-discussions, about fake geek girls, gender swapping, women as gamers, women as designers, women as objects, misogyny, intolerance, death threats.  All instances of men reacting to women being in a space deemed “theirs”, and all because women were complaining about how men were representing and treating women in a space they deemed “theirs”.


There should be no space that is wholly masculine, just as there should be no space that wholly feminine.  We should all share these spaces when they are spaces built upon and focusing on what we love to think, feel and do in our lives.  These are all human spaces — wonderfully constructed through human endeavors to make our lives better.  There should be no “man caves”, no “woman caves” — just caves that we can share to play games, build technology, tell stories, live our lives.

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