Twitter Dialogues

I just learned that Storify is going away in May 2018, and I had been using the platform to store tweets for my Fractured Fandom project, such as this list that helped me curate stories for my research: Stories of and Thoughts on Fractured Fandom

As part of this process, I also engaged in various Twitter conversations that I wanted to save to look at later for analyzing how to do — and not to do — dialogue via Twitter. Since Storify is going away, I needed another place to save them so that I could return them later. Here are all those conversations:

In these conversations, I can see things that I did well — and did not do well — seriously, some of it makes me cringe now. But seeing those things can help me improve my own Twitter convos, as well as potentially make suggestions for how others can improve their own.

So I didn’t want these convos to simply evaporate with the dissolution of Storify. And I want to share them here in case anyone else wants to analyze them for what works and doesn’t work in Twitter convos.




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