Academic Assholes and the Circle of Niceness

Hits the nail on the head. We academics have to learn to be better toward one another. We cannot allow scholars to be perceived as these assholes, intend on tearing other people down just to make themselves look good. In developing knowledge, there should be no room for individual egos that could derail the advancement of humanity. Peer reviewers, commenters at conferences, P&T reviewing — we have to remember that we are each trying our best and do what we can to help scholars and scientists grow and become better, so that everyone can prosper in the long run.

SAS Confidential

Author: Inger Mewburn
Original: The Thesis Whisperer

Two of my favourite people in the academic world are my friends Rachael Pitt (aka @thefellowette) and Nigel Palmer. Whenever we have a catch up, which is sadly rare, we have a fine old time talking shop over beer and chips (well lemonade in my case, but you get the picture).

Some time ago ago Rachael started calling us ‘The B Team’ because we were all appointed on a level B in the Australian university pay-scale system (academic Level B is not quite shit kicker entry level academia – that’s level A just in case you were wondering – but it’s pretty close). I always go home feeling a warm glow of collegiality after a B team talk, convinced that being an academic is the best job in the entire world. Rachael reckons that this positive glow is a result of the

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