Chris Olson wrote this initial take on the representation of BMO in the cartoon series Adventure Time for a class paper.  In the paper he argues that BMO\’s representation in the series demonstrates the fluidity and hyperreality of identity and the idea that we come to develop our sense of self via our interactions with our online social networks.

We will be furthering this idea, which I discuss briefly in today\’s article on the movie Her.  But to get at the initial idea, read Olson\’s great paper: Adventure Time, BMO and the Networked Self.

via Adventure Time, BMO and the Networked Self.

3 responses to “Adventure Time, BMO and the Networked Self”

  1. Jeff Avatar

    What if BMO’s been capture by Melissa alias,Hope Diamond,thus Connie’s father uses a hard drive and then embedded BMO’s and Turning it into Pyromorphite?


  2. Jeff Avatar

    It’d be intriguing idea if BMO’s a robotic servents to Connie’s Father;even it’s finn’s last showdown of his life in new land called Beach City;)


  3. Gendering Hatsune Miku – It's Playing, Just With Research Avatar

    […] nature of gender identity. We will be publishing a piece on using this concept to look at BMO in Adventure Time, and this represents our second case study analysis using this […]


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