Carnival of Souls and Emergent Feminism in the Early Half of the Sexual Revolution.

Christopher Olson discusses how this early indie horror movie relates to the early years of the sexual revolution.  In the early 1960s, when women were moving out of the house and into the workforce, and beginning to control their sexual lives, Carnival of Souls shows one woman doing just that — or is she?

Key to this analysis is how Olson discusses the tensions within the film, between what the lead character wants and what the men around her want, and how these tensions represent the struggle of the sexual revolution at the time of the movies release.  While not a major Hollywood feature film, the movie nonetheless represents that atmosphere of its production, and thus it provides a sense for what was happening to women and men during that turbulent period.

Carnival of Souls and Emergent Feminism in the Early Half of the Sexual Revolution.

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I am an explorer of pop culture, technology, mass media, and human nature. I want to make sense of how we all make sense of the mediated worlds that surrounds us.

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