The audience reviews — can’t seem to find any critics’ reviews, so there is no rating on Rotten Tomatoes — are coming in from people who saw one of the limited showings of My Little Ponies: Friend is Magic Equestria Girls this past Sunday.  And, well, the reviews are decided mixed, as the film seemed to really polarize the audience — or at least the reporting audience, which is most of young adult and adult fans, not the intended audience of the television series or the film.  There split is seen in the reviews at IMDb, although the demographic breakdown of the ratings would indicate more overall liking than not.  Over at Rotten Tomatoes there is the same split, with at least one person engaging in (I hope) some parody of bronies (I’m looking at you, “Peto File”).


I will continue to add reviews as I come across them.  And hopefully Hasbro releases B.O. at some point, even if it was only a limited release.

UPDATE: In looking over the official MLP:FIM Facebook page, where Hasbro allows users to post comments, there is nothing really but positive reviews for the movie.  However, there is one person claiming that Hasbro deleted a comment made that was critical about the movie.  I am contacting this user to find out the story.

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