Earlier this month, Christopher Olson and I presented at the 2013 SCMS conference work I started in my graduate school and he is helping me finalize and expand.  These are some preliminary thoughts about approaching the study of how spectators engage with films.

This presentation (SCMS13_presentation_022513) comes from an interest we have in trying to understand how spectators make sense of films and what leads to differences and similarities in the reception of the same film.  In this presentation, we address the cognitive and affective theoretical approaches to film spectatorship and reception that informed our approach, as well as the apparent lack of studying the actual reception processes.  We then outline the method that was designed to measure the moment-by-moment or minutia reception process, as well as discuss a pilot project to employ this method, and we conclude with our thoughts for applications of this method.

This image is an example of how this method allows for the comparison of moment-by-moment reception between two different film spectators.


3 responses to “The Whats, Hows and Whys of Film Spectatorship”

  1. Martin Barker Avatar

    Dear CarrieLynn

    I hope you won’t find this a strange comment, but I recently came across an essay of yours, while browsing the web looking for someone to referee a submission to the journal which I do-edit, called Participations. I really enjoyed your essay, about three approaches to audience and reception studies. And I wondered if you knew of our journal. Its web address is http://www.participations.org. If you would be interested in perhaps becoming someone who might referee for us – or of course submit to us – my name and email address are: Martin Barker, email: mib@aber.ac.uk.

    Best wishes


    1. CarrieLynn D. Reinhard Avatar

      Martin, you happen to be one of my favorite scholars who has inspired my approach to audience/reception studies. In fact, my SCMS presentation refers to you and I am currently working on a book proposal for an edited volume based on that presentation. I had been planning on emailing you to see if you are interested in contributing to it. I will email you about the details. CarrieLynn


  2. Making Sense of Superhero Films | Playing, With Research Avatar

    […] The following is the bulk of the presentation I will be giving this Friday, October 11th, at the Midwest Popular Culture Association conference in St. Louis.  For all of you (which is the majority of the world) who cannot be there to hear the presentation, I give you what it is all about — my first full study testing my minutia reception studies method. […]


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