3D Printing: The end of consumerism?

From TechCrunch…

We’ve been contemplating acquiring a 3D printer at my university for pedagogical and research purposes.  As part of this contemplation, I have had to learn more about the technology and uses of desktop manufacturing.  And in doing this, I began thinking about how the diffusion and integration of 3D printing into everyday life could change our culture and society.  If desktop publishing helped begin the prosumer revolution, then what could desktop manufacturing do to further this revolution, changing people’s identities of consumers of manufactured goods into producers of self-designed items.

Along those lines, since this is the week that kicks off the consumerism of the holidays, my latest article for Clearance Bin Review considers what is the future of consumerism should 3D printing merge with other upcoming technologies.

2 responses to “3D Printing: The end of consumerism?”

  1. Reblogged this on Our Class @ DU and commented:
    Have you heard of 3D printing? After reading the article, would you like us to have a 3D printer at campus that you could use?


  2. […] Earlier today I presented our 3D printer to the Dominican University faculty.  I demonstrated how our Cubify printer (the type seen in the featured image) works, and I discussed what 3D printing is.  I also focused the discussion on the possibilities of 3D printing, both how the process is currently being put to use in a variety of fields, as well as the further out there potentials, such as becoming the Star Trek replicators I wrote about in an earlier piece on the topic. […]


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