Doctor Who Theme Week @ In Media Res

Chris Olson and I kick off the In Media Res theme week to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.  This piece, with a wonderful video produced by Chris, is based on the conference paper we recently presented at MPCA. You can see the post and the video via “I AM the Doctor”: Polysemic rhetoric and … Continue reading Doctor Who Theme Week @ In Media Res

“I AM the Doctor.”: The Historical Trajectory of Doctor Who

“I AM the Doctor.”: Polysemic rhetorical flexibility and non-traditional audience reception in Doctor Who By Christopher J. Olson, DePaul University & CarrieLynn D. Reinhard, Dominican University This paper was presented at the MPCA 2013 Conference in St. Louis, Missouri.  This is the longer version of the presentation, and thus it represents are full current thoughts on … Continue reading “I AM the Doctor.”: The Historical Trajectory of Doctor Who

Equestria Girls: Displeasure Among Bronies

It was quite a busy day yesterday on the My Little Pony Facebook page.  Hasbro announced the release date for the Equestria Girls movie (on DVD this Tuesday!  which makes it the widest release!) as well as the toy line associated with the spin-off. As I have been tracking since the beginning of the marketing for the spin-off (starting … Continue reading Equestria Girls: Displeasure Among Bronies

Hollywood Dialogue

Dialogue may be considered to be a session of give-and-take that occurs with relatively short turnaround time -- one person speaks, then the other person responds, leading to the first responding to the second's responses, and so forth. The time lag between the first person speaking and then speaking again is the consideration for the … Continue reading Hollywood Dialogue

Corporations Ploy to Educate Online Pirates

I wrote this week's Dr. Geek piece for Clearance Bin Review on the recent implementation by the big five ISPs in the United States -- AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, Cablevision and Time Warner -- of a new "educational program" designed as a warning and punishment system to stop people from engaging in peer-to-peer filesharing of copyrighted … Continue reading Corporations Ploy to Educate Online Pirates

CBS, Hawaii Five-O and Content Interactivity

CBS is no newcomer when it comes to experimenting with giving their audience a more interactive experience with their television programming.  As I've discussed elsewhere on this blog, the television network in the past had offered their audience a chance to engage in social interactivity while watching their favorite shows online.  The network had structured … Continue reading CBS, Hawaii Five-O and Content Interactivity

3D Printing: The end of consumerism?

We've been contemplating acquiring a 3D printer at my university for pedagogical and research purposes.  As part of this contemplation, I have had to learn more about the technology and uses of desktop manufacturing.  And in doing this, I began thinking about how the diffusion and integration of 3D printing into everyday life could change … Continue reading 3D Printing: The end of consumerism?