We have created a new blog for my department — Communication Arts and Sciences — at Dominican University as a way to encourage students, faculty, and alumni/ae to share their thoughts, experiences, passions about communication. So here is one of my stories, from the time when I worked in Hollywood.

Communication Arts and Sciences

I graduated from college in May 2000 with a degree in psychology and a degree in communication arts from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. To earn my communication arts degree, I had to write a 30 minute screenplay (that luckily got picked to be produced by a class famed horror director and UW-Madison alum Stuart Gordon taught) and I had to produce two short films. My communication arts degree led me to understand the importance of communication in shaping our lives and our world, and I wanted to use the degree to tell stories. My psychology degree helped me understand people and how they worked, which I felt was going to help me to tell these stories. I wanted to write movie scripts, direct movies, edit movies and be one of the shining stars in the cinema firmament.

I think a lot of people who major in media and…

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