C2E2 FirstI have an idea. An idea for how to look at fans, fandoms, fan communities, being a fan.

It’s an idea in its early stages, one I need to ruminate over and let gestate and grow.

It’s an idea that relates to my fractured fandom thoughts, but it goes beyond that, into a view on fandom that gets back to its roots in order to find similarities in a lot of the things — both good and bad — that we humans do every day.

As I go, I am going to be sharing my musings, in-the-moment on Twitter and in more of an advanced form here on my blog.

I share because I want feedback: does it make sense? is it important? am I being clear? am I being too ambitious?

I need feedback as I read and think and muse to know if I am on the right path, and if it is a path worth walking.

So I share my journey with you.

The part of the journey I share on Twitter will be collected in this Storify: On the Nature of “Being a Fan”

That’s all for now. Stay tuned!

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