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  1. Tracy says:

    Thank you for synthesizing the session so thoroughly. I came away with a list of things to do. First on the list: As Ellen McManus for her rubrics!


  2. Some additional thoughts from one of the panelists: One point I meant to make but forgot—or just ran out of steam—is that students seem to “share” more readily and with less prodding online than in face-to-face situations. This is partly because there is slightly less inhibition—though obviously this can have drawbacks too—but more practically because it is so easy to share ideas and examples through links. Students frequently, and without being required to, post links to articles, videos, and other resources to illustrate a point or share an experience, and the ensuing discussion suggests that at least some students do click on these links, read the articles or watch the (short) videos, and comment on what they add to the discussion. It’s not impossible for this kind of sharing to take place in face-to-face settings—show and tell, basically—it’s just less cumbersome online.


  3. And from our panelist who is a graduate student: ​I agree; it is much easier to share in an online discussion than in person. For starters, I can form a proper question or response that I can edit if needed. I can also reread what someone else has written to confirm what they stated. In class, I may miss a word or two and have to ask for clarification and if the moment doesn’t present itself, I may miss out on asking for clarification and therefore the response itself.


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