As part of a project I am working on, I’m looking for examples of people outside of the United States appropriating and/or incorporating some aspect of the American superhero genre into their pop culture and everyday lives.

Here we have an example of a man in Cairo exploring what a superhero, in this case Spider-Man, would be like outside of the United States.

Examples could be people using American superhero characters and iconography in their creations, wardrobe, communication and more, such as this example of street art from Italy or this art installation in South Korea or these public communiques from Denmark:

Picture1 Picture2 Picture3

Or the examples could be the creation of culturally or nationally specific characters that could be defined as superheroes, such as this French superhero show H-Man,  Tiger and Bunny and Samurai Flamenco from Japan and Antboy from Denmark, as well as the ones pictured here.

imageCaptain Canuck


And then there is this great appropriation of superhero conventions for an educational purpose out of Pakistan.

Even older superheroes can be appropriated Round the world for political and cultural redefinition, such as these uses of The Phantom that emerged in the mid part of the 20th century, or the uses of various characters as a form of political protest in Bulgaria.

Please share and tweet them with #superheroesaroundtheworld, or feel free to respond here with your ideas and examples.

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