Exorcism Cinema Book Published

Here it is! The Tensions in Exorcism Cinema project began in 2013, when my partner Christopher J. Olson (Seems Obvious to Me) and I watched the film The Possession and noted how common it seemed for women to be the victim of possession who needed to be saved through exorcism. We wondered, is that true ofContinue reading “Exorcism Cinema Book Published”

The Problem with Prequels: The Beginning and Dominion

It’s no secret that the Exorcist series of movies were plagued with bad luck and controversy; however, no other movie in that series was probably as plagued as the planned prequel that would explore Father Lankester Merrin’s experiences with the demon Pazuzu in Africa.  According to Mark Kermode, writing for The Guardian back in 2004,Continue reading “The Problem with Prequels: The Beginning and Dominion”