A Manifesto for 21st Century Higher Education

Looking over alum surveys for my school, thinking about what the future of higher education is, and am finding that both undergraduate (UG) and graduate (G) alums seem to want the same types of knowledges and skills, just in more and more specific contexts that aid their careers. I did a quick and dirty contentContinue reading “A Manifesto for 21st Century Higher Education”

Investigation into the Mass Media: Then and Then Again

I love finding old papers I wrote. They help me understand where I came from and show the process of becoming a scholar — or whatever I want to call myself these days. I think we need more established scholars sharing these types of reflections on their processes, so finding old papers is a wayContinue reading “Investigation into the Mass Media: Then and Then Again”

Professional Wrestling Fanfiction from an EDR Perspective

I have been working on this project for a couple years now (as seen here, here, and here). I’m not sure if it will ever get to the point to be truly publishable, and I don’t really need it “published” in the traditional academic sense. So, I’m just going to continue sharing my thoughts onContinue reading “Professional Wrestling Fanfiction from an EDR Perspective”

Media Engaging(s): Or, How I Learned To Be Both/And in an Either/Or Discipline

This essay contains an early draft of what I ultimately wrote for the Participations special issue on “media engagement” as a concept in audience studies. This essay contains some good ideas that were no where near ready for publishing. I may also not have the time to come back to them, as I have beenContinue reading “Media Engaging(s): Or, How I Learned To Be Both/And in an Either/Or Discipline”

Squirrel Girl and Feminism

I created this video for DePaul’s Pop Culture Conference in 2021 on superheroes. For the first time, it was an entirely online conference with asynchronous, video presentations for academic work. The ideas in this piece come from a chapter I wrote for an anthology being produced by Bryan Carr and Meta G. Carstarphen. That chapterContinue reading “Squirrel Girl and Feminism”

Fandom During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has had significant impacts on our lives, including how we experience our fandoms. Cons were moved online or cancelled. New movies came out on streaming apps at the same time as theatrical releases. Online gaming replaced in-person gaming. And people turned to their fandoms to cope with the pandemic. Krysten Stein andContinue reading “Fandom During the Pandemic”

Disney+, the Fan Industrial Complex, and Star Wars

I love this term: Fan Industrial Complex. Chris thinks he heard it from someone else, so I will need to investigate it. Because from a media ecology perspective, it’s very useful. That’s what we have now with online mediated fan-producer networks. The technologies and economic systems require a symbiosis between more ardent fans and producers,Continue reading “Disney+, the Fan Industrial Complex, and Star Wars”

The Four Paradigms in Spiral Form

Subtitle: A positivistically constructed model to critique dominant design with a postmodern flair This was a group project from a class with Patti Lather at OSU in 2005 that I completed with Carrie Hung, Hana Kang, and Yongfang Zhang. I look at it now and think it’s so twee! In looking at the four researchContinue reading “The Four Paradigms in Spiral Form”

Taxonomy of Fannish Behaviors: A Work in Progress

I’m really interested in the ways we define fandom. Is it just associated with popular culture, or is it a more fundamental aspect of human life? I’m going to use this blog to work through my thoughts on this matter, so it isn’t by any means a completed document, and I will do my bestContinue reading “Taxonomy of Fannish Behaviors: A Work in Progress”

Virtual World Fandom Quasi-Autoethnography

This post contains my reflections on trying to express my Star Wars fandom in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. These reflections are based on the Twitter thread I ran in the summer and fall of 2020, which can be found here. I tried to reconstruct it chronologically to show the progression of events and my thoughtsContinue reading “Virtual World Fandom Quasi-Autoethnography”