Pop Culture Lens Returns with Arnold!

To start the new season, in the forty-first episode of The Pop Culture Lens podcast, Christopher Olson and CarrieLynn Reinhard are joined by unofficial third co-host Joe Belfeuil to discuss the star, screen, and political persona of Arnold Schwarzenegger. In this episode, the co-hosts review Schwarzenegger’s biography to understand where he came from and howContinue reading “Pop Culture Lens Returns with Arnold!”

Analyzing Trump’s 2018 SOTU

Back in 2013, I analyzed President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address after the contentious 2012 election campaign. I copied the transcript for his address and ran it through a word cloud generator (at the time, Wordle) to see what words he used more, and thus what ideas he emphasized in his speech. InContinue reading “Analyzing Trump’s 2018 SOTU”

Fans of Trump, Fans of Jesus

To start. I want to return to the original conceptionalization of fanaticism defining fandom. So, let’s do a dive back into what this word means. Merriam-Webster defines “fanaticism” as having a “fanatic outlook or behavior.” Well, that’s not helpful, because it defines the term with a different version of it; so, what is fanatic? TheContinue reading “Fans of Trump, Fans of Jesus”

V for Vendetta and Resisting Fascism

In the thirty-ninth episode of The Pop Culture Lens podcast, Christopher Olson and I present a special episode as they compare and contrast the graphic novel V for Vendetta and its film adaptation. In this episode, we discussed how the two versions of the story reflected on the social, cultural, and historical periods in whichContinue reading “V for Vendetta and Resisting Fascism”

Pop Culture Lens on They Live

In the twenty-third episode of The Pop Culture Lens podcast, Christopher and I welcome back friend of the podcast Joe Belfeuil to discuss John Carpenter’s 1988 cult classic They Live and how the film seems as relevant if not more now. The short story the film is based on can be found on this website.Continue reading “Pop Culture Lens on They Live”