Why Popular Culture Matters (PCSJ 7/1)

The editors of the Popular Culture Studies Journal are happy to announce the release of Vol. 7 No. 1 that features editorials on “why popular culture matters,” seven original research articles, and an plethora of reviews that includes movies, television shows, games, and theatrical performances.  The original research considers live TV, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Rufus Wainwright’sContinue reading “Why Popular Culture Matters (PCSJ 7/1)”

For the Love of Zombies

My latest article at Clearance Bin Review delves into the psychological and sociocultural reasons for why we seem to be so obsessed with zombies lately.  They are everywhere in our pop culture and mass media, and their fans organize charity events and protests.  Speaking with a fellow fan of zombies (who organizes events like theContinue reading “For the Love of Zombies”