From Hell to the Cineplex

From Hell to the Cineplex: Adaptation of a graphic novel on narrative and sensual levels While it has been Hollywood history to base movies on novels, many movies today are being made by adapting texts that have a pre-existing fanbase, such as comic books, novels, video games, television shows, etc.  While ostensibly one reason for theseContinue reading “From Hell to the Cineplex”

Virtual Worlds Television and Metanomics: Innovating or Remediating?

I’ve been using this blog to deconstruct research I’ve done that are interesting vignettes of findings, but perhaps in need of a non-traditional method of publication.  In one such paper that I’ve been deconstructing,  I’ve already discussed the Ghost Hunters live special episodes for how they incorporated online technologies as well as the virtual living rooms createdContinue reading “Virtual Worlds Television and Metanomics: Innovating or Remediating?”