Online Learning Communities with a Catholic Flair

For a year now, I have been working through some ideas on how to ensure that a Catholic higher education institution, such as my own, maintains its Catholic identity when offering more online courses and programs. In particular, I wanted to work through how to ensure that the focus on communities and relationship-centered teaching andContinue reading “Online Learning Communities with a Catholic Flair”

Avatars, Audiences and Interactive Television

This presentation was given at the 100th National Communication Association Conference in Chicago on November 21, 2014. This presentation reflects the work I have done with Pooky Amsterdam to understand the nature and potential of virtual world television as reported in the Journal of Virtual World Research. This presentation was awarded one of the TopContinue reading “Avatars, Audiences and Interactive Television”

An Autoethnography of Collegium – Day Two

Day 2: Sunday, June 22nd On the topic of mass… I am still uncomfortable joining in on the spiritual sessions and Catholic Eucharist ceremonies that are scheduled for this colloquium.  I feel like an intruder, an interloper, a negative presence.  There is nothing that anyone here has said or done that has made me feelContinue reading “An Autoethnography of Collegium – Day Two”

Variations on Theme: Boudu, Toni, and Mother Nature

[Film analysis paper from 1999] In ancient times, many cultures conceived of the world as a snake devouring itself, creating a continuous circle.  In modern times, film critic Andre Bazin had a similar conception.  He believed everything in reality was connected to everything else. The world, reality, is continuous, circular.  Before the rules of chaosContinue reading “Variations on Theme: Boudu, Toni, and Mother Nature”