The Unborn: Exorcism, the Holocaust, and Twins

Comic book fans will undoubtedly recognize the name David S. Goyer. For better or worse, he has become synonymous with Warner Brothers’ cinematic adaptations of their DC  Comics titles. Although he gained notoriety as the writer for a Marvel cinematic adaptation, Blade (1998), his most successful writing gigs have been with Christopher Nolan on theContinue reading “The Unborn: Exorcism, the Holocaust, and Twins”

A Judaic Take on Exorcism in The Possession

One of the first movies we could qualify as being exorcism cinema was not concerned with the Catholic approach to possession and exorcism.  Instead, it showed us this conflict from an older religious perspective, Judaism.  In 1937, a Polish movie called Der Dibuk or The Dybbuk was released as one of the first movies filmedContinue reading “A Judaic Take on Exorcism in The Possession”