(The makings of) A Psychoanalytical Critique of Capitalism

This essay comes from probably 2002 when I was living in Los Angeles and working at an agency — and coming to realize that I had an academic deep down inside of me.           I had the privilege of listening to Deepak Chopra and his son, Gotham, today at separate panel discussions at the LosContinue reading “(The makings of) A Psychoanalytical Critique of Capitalism”

Gender Schematic Men and the Somatotypes They Perceive: Influences on attraction and recall

The following is the first original empirical research project that I completed for my psychology research class at UW-Madison as an undergrad. I took the class at summer and went around asking men to participate in the study about how gender schema impacts perception of the female form in advertisements, making it my first audienceContinue reading “Gender Schematic Men and the Somatotypes They Perceive: Influences on attraction and recall”

On Representing Our Subjects/Participants/Informants/People

One final old reflection to share, that appears more questions than answers, but, as with the previous one, shows me wrestling with how do to research in a way that validly represents those that I study. These questions are both why I love to study people, but also why I understand the frustration of studyingContinue reading “On Representing Our Subjects/Participants/Informants/People”

On Studying the Other

Sometimes it is very useful to go back, find those old writings, and revisit them to see the trajectory of your thoughts, and how much they have matured. In this 15-year-old piece that I wrote for a class, I can see some basic ideas I still have about people (especially given my exorcism cinema work),Continue reading “On Studying the Other”

Problems with Perceptions in Fandom

Part of the process of understanding the phenomenon of fractured fandom is to gather stories that thematically reveal its nature, such as my ongoing analysis of how My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fans reacted to the feature film Equestria Girls and its soon-to-be sequel Rainbow Rocks.  The more stories we can gather, then the moreContinue reading “Problems with Perceptions in Fandom”

Equality Studies: A Call to Action

I respect the work that has been done by critical scholars to point out the ways in which people have been created/oppressed by the social/cultural conditions into which they were born.   However, much work in qualitative studies remains focused on how such conditions creates differences in how people see themselves and each other; inContinue reading “Equality Studies: A Call to Action”

Clinical Therapy with Buster Keaton

Well, no, not really. I never met the man, the genius, the one of four comedians who can be considered the founding fathers of American comedy films. But I did write an intake report for him as if I was his therapist. Buster Keaton was born October 4, 1895 as Joseph Frank Keaton, Jr. HeContinue reading “Clinical Therapy with Buster Keaton”