(The makings of) A Psychoanalytical Critique of Capitalism

This essay comes from probably 2002 when I was living in Los Angeles and working at an agency — and coming to realize that I had an academic deep down inside of me.           I had the privilege of listening to Deepak Chopra and his son, Gotham, today at separate panel discussions at the LosContinue reading “(The makings of) A Psychoanalytical Critique of Capitalism”

Academic Thoughts on Hentai

And hentai texts serve as ways to reaffirm this dominion of man. Hentai women are created for the sole purpose of male survey. They are true fantasy, existing nowhere but in the imagination of man and his subsequent depictions of his imagination – she is simulacrum. Being man’s creations, they are to serve man’s desires, including the desire to be reassured that man remains in control and that woman prefers this power dynamic. The rape myth, a common hentai and real-life porn text, straightforwardly portrays this anxiety. Women are forced to have sex by a man (or numerous men), and although she initially indicates her intense displeasure with this relationship, at the end she is thoroughly enjoying the forced sex and, by extension, the dominion man has over her. Man as creator/reader is reassured that women prefer to lack the phallus, and that they desire a lot of it (in penis form) from man. Woman’s pleasure comes from man for man, and by being drawn creations, of man.

Visions of the Unconscious: An Analysis of “Juliet of the Spirits”

Did Sigmund Freud realize the impact he would have when he first proposed the idea of the unconscious mind as a reservoir for a person’s dreams, memories and thoughts that may be too violent or too sexually explicit for the conscious mind to handle?  When he wrote about the animalistic id battling the angelic superegoContinue reading “Visions of the Unconscious: An Analysis of “Juliet of the Spirits””