Pop Culture Pilgrimage

Last year, as part of our trip to Prague and Vienna, Chris and I visited movie shooting locations for some of our favorite films and started the Pop Culture Pilgrimage webseries as part of our Pop Culture Lens podcast work. On that trip, we saw sites from Amadeus, Hellboy, The Third Man, and Before Sunrise.Continue reading “Pop Culture Pilgrimage”

Discussing Weird Al’s Staying Power

In a first, the forty-ninth episode of The Pop Culture Lens podcast finds friend of the podcast Noelle Lynn Blood joining Christopher Olson and I to discuss the importance of Weird Al Yankovic to pop culture and nerds. In this episode, the trio examine how Weird Al has adapted himself to different eras in popContinue reading “Discussing Weird Al’s Staying Power”

The Pop Culture Lens Podcast Goes Live!

Christopher Olson (of the blog Seems Obvious to Me) and I present a new podcast, The Pop Culture Lens, where we discuss the media of the past through the lens of today to understand how relevant it is to our modern lives. You can follow the podcast on Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook, or get theContinue reading “The Pop Culture Lens Podcast Goes Live!”