Compassionate Pedagogy for Online Teaching

In this blog post, I am collecting my thoughts as well as links to other people’s thoughts and writings about how to teach online from a perspective and position of compassion for learners. This information was originally collected on Twitter. Additionally, this notion of “compassionate pedagogy” is not limited to online teaching and learning butContinue reading “Compassionate Pedagogy for Online Teaching”

Online Learning Communities with a Dominican Flair

Online Learning Communities with a Dominican Flair: Arguing for applying the Dominican ethos to online higher education CarrieLynn D. Reinhard and Claire Noonan (Dominican University) Introduction It seems that everywhere one looks in the world of contemporary higher education, someone is making an argument for the elimination of faculty in favor of technology as theContinue reading “Online Learning Communities with a Dominican Flair”

Online Learning Communities with a Catholic Flair

For a year now, I have been working through some ideas on how to ensure that a Catholic higher education institution, such as my own, maintains its Catholic identity when offering more online courses and programs. In particular, I wanted to work through how to ensure that the focus on communities and relationship-centered teaching andContinue reading “Online Learning Communities with a Catholic Flair”

Affordances & Constraints Communication Model

At my university, we are moving towards more technologically enhanced teaching and learning.  Along with my colleague from the School of Education, I am helping to oversee the faculty development of online and blended instruction.  We are working on ways to better improve our courses’ universal design, such as through multimedia presentations.  The goal isContinue reading “Affordances & Constraints Communication Model”