Fandom During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has had significant impacts on our lives, including how we experience our fandoms. Cons were moved online or cancelled. New movies came out on streaming apps at the same time as theatrical releases. Online gaming replaced in-person gaming. And people turned to their fandoms to cope with the pandemic. Krysten Stein andContinue reading “Fandom During the Pandemic”

Call for Proposals: Mental Health and Fandom

Before the concretization of fan studies as an academic discipline, fans would routinely be labeled and treated as “fanatics” or people with excessive love for something or someone that could lead them to engage in maladaptive, even dangerous, behavior. In a sense, public discourses positioned fandom as a mental health issue. Along with being problematicContinue reading “Call for Proposals: Mental Health and Fandom”

Trauma and Fractured Fandom

This blog post contains my presentation at MPCA/ACA 2019 from our panel on mental health and fandom. This presentation is the first step in a deeper analysis of my fractured fandom work to understand the traumatic experiences fans expressed in their self-interviews. “fear fearfearfearfear feeling hella unsafe”: The Trauma of Fractured Fandoms As a briefContinue reading “Trauma and Fractured Fandom”

CfC for Book on Mental Illness in Entertainment Media

Call for Chapters for Book Proposal The editors are seeking chapter proposals for a collection of essays that examine positive, healthy, and accurate portrayals of mental illness in entertainment media. Proposed Title: Quieting the Madness: Entertainment Media’s Shift into More Accurate Depictions of Mental Illness Editors: Malynnda A. Johnson (Indiana State University) and Christopher J.Continue reading “CfC for Book on Mental Illness in Entertainment Media”

The Pop Culture Lens on Mental Health

For this special episode of The Pop Culture Lens, Christopher J. Olson (Seems Obvious to Me) and I address a question: are representations of mental health issues in pop culture helpful? Our answers delve into the many different mental health issues represented in television and film, from bipolar disorder and depression to mental health facilities andContinue reading “The Pop Culture Lens on Mental Health”