The Pop Culture Lens Podcast Goes Live!

Christopher Olson (of the blog Seems Obvious to Me) and I present a new podcast, The Pop Culture Lens, where we discuss the media of the past through the lens of today to understand how relevant it is to our modern lives. You can follow the podcast on Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook, or get theContinue reading “The Pop Culture Lens Podcast Goes Live!”

An Encoding-Decoding-Recoding Model of Media Studies

This blog posts continues the dissection of my dissertation that I began by introducing the topic of gendered media engagings earlier this year. This post focuses on a model I used in my dissertation to understand the array of media studies conducted to investigate the ways in which gender is involved in how people engageContinue reading “An Encoding-Decoding-Recoding Model of Media Studies”

The Study of Gendered Media Engagings (Part 3): Why It Matters

This is the third part of my dissertation’s first chapter.  The first part was on defining gendered media engagings.  The second part was on defining gender. Why studying gendered media engagings matters Thanks to the work of scholars such as Dallas Smythe, we are aware of the central role of advertisement in most media industries (Smythe,Continue reading “The Study of Gendered Media Engagings (Part 3): Why It Matters”

The Study of Gendered Media Engagings (Part 1): Defining Gendered Media Engagings

The following is how I began my dissertation, “Gendered media engagings as user agency mediations with sociocultural and media structures: A Sense-Making Methodology study of the situationality of gender divergences and convergences.”  The discussion focuses on defining the concepts studied in the dissertation, focusing on the research topic of gendered media engaging.  The results ofContinue reading “The Study of Gendered Media Engagings (Part 1): Defining Gendered Media Engagings”

The Golem’s Creator: How Communication Influences Life

Back in 1997, so seemingly long ago, I took a class at UW-Madison that turned me from a pre-med student into a double major of communication arts and psychology that would eventually lead me to become the scholar I am today.  For this class, we had to write a paper about the communication theories weContinue reading “The Golem’s Creator: How Communication Influences Life”

Teenagers Using Media Texts for Sexual Identity Exploration

What turns me on, turns me off?: Usage of media texts by adolescents for sexual identity exploration. (A graduate school psychology final paper, edited for posting, with link containing the full paper.) When the audience for the media and its content is children, research into the mass media typically focuses on two mediated “sins”: violenceContinue reading “Teenagers Using Media Texts for Sexual Identity Exploration”