Updating the Obstinate Audience

[This post comes from my candidacy exam, in which I was asked to respond to a classic article: Bauer, Raymond. 1964. "The obstinate audience: The influence process from the point of view of social communication." American Psychologist 19: 319-328] Which, if any, issues have been dealt with and/or resolved within the field of communication? Bauer’s … Continue reading Updating the Obstinate Audience

The Golem’s Creator: How Communication Influences Life

Back in 1997, so seemingly long ago, I took a class at UW-Madison that turned me from a pre-med student into a double major of communication arts and psychology that would eventually lead me to become the scholar I am today.  For this class, we had to write a paper about the communication theories we … Continue reading The Golem’s Creator: How Communication Influences Life