Redefining Social Media into Social Communication

What Is Social Media? Social media is about platforms, channels, networks, wireframes. It’s about the people and corporations who create and maintain these spaces that become social places. Thus, to know social media, one must know the businesses and their capitalist impetousness toward profit. Social media is multimodal. It combines writing, drawing, speaking, photographing, filming,Continue reading “Redefining Social Media into Social Communication”

Updating the Obstinate Audience

[This post comes from my candidacy exam, in which I was asked to respond to a classic article: Bauer, Raymond. 1964. “The obstinate audience: The influence process from the point of view of social communication.” American Psychologist 19: 319-328] Which, if any, issues have been dealt with and/or resolved within the field of communication? Bauer’sContinue reading “Updating the Obstinate Audience”

The Golem’s Creator: How Communication Influences Life

Back in 1997, so seemingly long ago, I took a class at UW-Madison that turned me from a pre-med student into a double major of communication arts and psychology that would eventually lead me to become the scholar I am today.  For this class, we had to write a paper about the communication theories weContinue reading “The Golem’s Creator: How Communication Influences Life”