Equestria Girls: Displeasure Among Bronies

It was quite a busy day yesterday on the My Little Pony Facebook page.  Hasbro announced the release date for the Equestria Girls movie (on DVD this Tuesday!  which makes it the widest release!) as well as the toy line associated with the spin-off.

As I have been tracking since the beginning of the marketing for the spin-off (starting here, then here, and here), there has been a lot of displeasure among the professed fandom of bronies, to both the movie and the toys.  The amount of in-fandom fighting has been particularly keen on the representation of the ponies as quasi-humans, and the new toy line only drives home the pony/human hybrid that has been created by Hasbro.  The criticisms range from anorexic to sell-outs to disingenuous — with very little voiced reflection as to whom the toys are actually meant.  (Hint: it is not the bronies.)


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Equestria Girls: Targeting Furries?

This will definitely be receiving more academic treatment from me, as I do some side projects on the issues of gender and reception surrounding My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  This new movie turns the ponies into quasi-humans (they retain their pony colors but in human form).  Hasbro says they are trying to target teenage girls with this film, which is due in theatres this June, by giving them characters they can more easily identify with.  — Equestria Girls, a My Little Pony Offshoot, in Its Movie Debut – NYTimes.com.

However, it is not hard to see how a specific subset of the MLP:FIM fandom will take this in a very different way.  We have already seen instances of anthropomorphizing the ponies into human form across fan art — to the extent of applying Rule 34 to the characters. The sexualization of the characters is an fan activity that is common to cartoon characters, even non-human cartoon characters.  The application of it to MLP:FIM is slightly different, given that this is a text targeted to girls, and yet the Rule 34 is often applied from older, and usually male, fans — leading to interest fan activity such as this “dispute”.

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Awesomest Cookbook Ever

Every once and awhile, you’ll go into a used bookstore, and after you finish wondering about the future of the print industry thanks to e-readers, you’ll browse the musty collections and find a gem. A gem like what I have deemed to be the “Awesomest Cookbook Ever” — and that’s awesomest in the original sense of the word.  I mean I got down on my … Continue reading Awesomest Cookbook Ever

The Story of The Dark Knight and Its Brethren

Back in the spring of 2007, like other Batman fans who loved Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins, I was eagerly awaiting his follow-up, The Dark Knight. When the “I Believe in Harvey Dent” website went live in May, I was there with others. However, not long after the original website went live, some digitally scrawled graffiti all over it, in a style highly reminiscent of Batman’s … Continue reading The Story of The Dark Knight and Its Brethren