Legion: Or, the Exorcism Movie that Makes Me Sad for Roddy Piper

I recently came to be interested in professional wrestling. For awhile there — as in most of my life — I thought wrestling to be beneath me, an entertainment that degrades those who do it and those who watch it. I was wrong: there are many layers to this sports entertainment, and it is quiteContinue reading “Legion: Or, the Exorcism Movie that Makes Me Sad for Roddy Piper”

The Exorcist III: A Regan-less Affair

Going in chronological order, we started our series on Feminist Tensions in Exorcism Cinema by examining what occurred in the movie that started it all, The Exorcist, and then continued with its bonkers, not-really-about-exorcism sequel, Exorcist II: The Heretic.  Next in this series of exorcism cinema comes the next sequel, The Exorcist III.  This movie is unique inContinue reading “The Exorcist III: A Regan-less Affair”