Frasier and the New Man

For the fifty-eighth episode of The Pop Culture Lens podcast, Christopher Olson and CarrieLynn Reinhard are joined by friend of the podcast Kadee Whaley to discuss the classic 1990s sitcom, Frasier. In this episode, they discuss the different representations of masculinity contained seen in the series, from the New Man of the ’90s to the AmericanContinue reading “Frasier and the New Man”

Pop Culture Lens on They Live

In the twenty-third episode of The Pop Culture Lens podcast, Christopher and I welcome back friend of the podcast Joe Belfeuil to discuss John Carpenter’s 1988 cult classic They Live and how the film seems as relevant if not more now. The short story the film is based on can be found on this website.Continue reading “Pop Culture Lens on They Live”

The Pop Culture Lens on Deltron 3030

I grew up in rural Northeastern Wisconsin. On a golf course. Country music was played in our high school gym’s fitness center. Tractors would sometimes keep you from moving at good speed on county roads. Winters were not the only thing smothered in white. I grew up at the time when hip-hop and rap culturesContinue reading “The Pop Culture Lens on Deltron 3030”