Gendering Robots 2005 Proposed Research Methods

As discussed in the previous post Gendering Robots 2006 Research Proposal, I have been thinking about doing research on how people make sense of the gendered nature of robots, AI, and other artificial agents — apparently for longer than I remembered! Here is the method section I wrote over a decade ago for how toContinue reading “Gendering Robots 2005 Proposed Research Methods”

Gendering Robots 2005 Research Proposal

Recently, the question of how we attribute gender to asexual entities like robots and AI has been something I have been pondering more and more. How we understand engage with entities like Alexa from Amazon, Siri from Apple, and Cortana from Microsoft is fascinating, as well as how we think about robots like BB-8 orContinue reading “Gendering Robots 2005 Research Proposal”