Equestria Girls: Audience Reviews

The audience reviews — can’t seem to find any critics’ reviews, so there is no rating on Rotten Tomatoes — are coming in from people who saw one of the limited showings of My Little Ponies: Friend is Magic Equestria Girls this past Sunday.  And, well, the reviews are decided mixed, as the film seemed to really […]

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Equestria Girls: Opening Soon!

J I was doing a search for a CBR article I am writing on the upcoming My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic movie, Equestria Girls, when I found it will be showing here in Chicago at the Music Box Theatre for three special events.  So, fellow Chicago natives, who wants to join me and crowd out the […]

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Equestria Girls: Targeting Furries?

This will definitely be receiving more academic treatment from me, as I do some side projects on the issues of gender and reception surrounding My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  This new movie turns the ponies into quasi-humans (they retain their pony colors but in human form).  Hasbro says they are trying to target teenage […]

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