The Grinch and the War on Christmas

I really liked doing this episode of The Pop Culture Lens podcast. I loved it because we got to talk about the secular nature of Christmas in the United States, and why that shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing that we have to — almost literally — go to war over. For the fifty-fourthContinue reading “The Grinch and the War on Christmas”

The Pop Culture Lens on Fraggle Rock

In a first, the forty-seventh episode of The Pop Culture Lens podcast finds friend of the podcast Greg Clark joining Christopher Olson and I to discuss the Jim Henson television show, Fraggle Rock. In this episode, we discuss the transnational and transcultural nature of the series that sought to create something universally human with nonhumanContinue reading “The Pop Culture Lens on Fraggle Rock”

Categorizing Fractured Fandom

Defining Fractured Fandom According to the discipline of fan studies, at this point in history, being a fan is considered a positive for any individual. Being a fan helps people discover their identities, and to determine what they like and do not like. Being a fan helps people find friends, establish communities, and develop aContinue reading “Categorizing Fractured Fandom”