When the Rebel Heart Met the Blackheart: Slash in Professional Wrestling

NOTE: This post was originally posted on the Professional Wrestling Studies Association blog and can now be found at this link. I’ve been working on this project for awhile now, and this presentation from MPCA/ACA 2019 contains my preliminary results on slash fanfic that feature NXT wrestlers Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa. This work beganContinue reading “When the Rebel Heart Met the Blackheart: Slash in Professional Wrestling”

Fans of Trump, Fans of Jesus

To start. I want to return to the original conceptionalization of fanaticism defining fandom. So, let’s do a dive back into what this word means. Merriam-Webster defines “fanaticism” as having a “fanatic outlook or behavior.” Well, that’s not helpful, because it defines the term with a different version of it; so, what is fanatic? TheContinue reading “Fans of Trump, Fans of Jesus”