Christopher J. Olson On Nicholas Winding Refn

From Pusher to Bronson to Drive, join three movie nerds, cinephiles, and film scholars to discuss the “Danish delight.” Christopher J. Olson joins the bi-weekly podcast Director’s Club to discuss the up and coming Danish director, Nicholas Winding Refn. Olson is currently doing his master’s thesis on the director’s work, and particularly how Refn represents and criticizes the portrayals of masculinityContinue reading “Christopher J. Olson On Nicholas Winding Refn”

Making Sense of Entertainment in Virtual Worlds

In September of 2008, with the ink on my doctorate barely dry, I jumped a plane and landed in Denmark.  I had accepted a post-doctorate research fellowship at Roskilde University with the Virtual Worlds Research Project.  My main research project with the group would turn out to be a qualitative experiment to understand how peopleContinue reading “Making Sense of Entertainment in Virtual Worlds”