Updating Exorcism Cinema List

A year ago, Christopher Olson and I published a book on the representation of exorcisms in cinema. Possessed Women, Haunted States: Cultural Tensions in Exorcism Cinema (November 2016) was a comprehensive analysis of films across time and culture for the common themes surrounding who was the possessed and who was the exorcist. This analysis concludedContinue reading “Updating Exorcism Cinema List”

Feminist Tensions in The Last Exorcism and The Last Exorcism Part 2

At the Midwest Popular Culture Association‘s 2014 conference, Chris and I presented the first analysis from our exorcism cinema project. The presentation is titled: Feminist tensions in exorcism cinema: Case study analysis and comparison of The Last Exorcism and The Last Exorcism Part II. What follows are the notes for the presentation, which constitute anContinue reading “Feminist Tensions in The Last Exorcism and The Last Exorcism Part 2”

The Last Exorcism Part II: Not Really Real

In our last post, we discussed the first found footage exorcist cinema, The Last Exorcism.  What we have found interesting with this latest series of exorcism cinema is this desire to bring to the forefront the idea that such cases of exorcism are real, either through the filming techniques or the demonstration of being inspired byContinue reading “The Last Exorcism Part II: Not Really Real”

The Last Exorcism But First Found Footage

Before Chris Olson and I started on this project, we were just watching horror movies.  I have been fond of found footage style horror movies since The Blair Witch Project.  And in my last post on the exorcism cinema project, I started thinking through why these movies are relying on tactics designed to foster aContinue reading “The Last Exorcism But First Found Footage”

The Demon Within: Tensions in Exorcism Cinema

This year, while concluding the virtual world television project with Pooky Amsterdam and continuing projects on gender and media engaging (such as My Little Pony and cross-gendered media engagings), I will also be working with Christopher J. Olson on a number of projects.  One of the new ones is a consideration of the representation of women and feminist discourses inContinue reading “The Demon Within: Tensions in Exorcism Cinema”