The Four Paradigms in Spiral Form

Subtitle: A positivistically constructed model to critique dominant design with a postmodern flair This was a group project from a class with Patti Lather at OSU in 2005 that I completed with Carrie Hung, Hana Kang, and Yongfang Zhang. I look at it now and think it’s so twee! In looking at the four researchContinue reading “The Four Paradigms in Spiral Form”

On Representing Our Subjects/Participants/Informants/People

One final old reflection to share, that appears more questions than answers, but, as with the previous one, shows me wrestling with how do to research in a way that validly represents those that I study. These questions are both why I love to study people, but also why I understand the frustration of studyingContinue reading “On Representing Our Subjects/Participants/Informants/People”